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Hokwang headquarters is set in the lush mountains of the Ruifang Industries Area. The community nearby receives less governmental resources than the major cities, so Hokwang has been supporting the community for more than 10 years. We are focusing on long-term development, and know it starts with commitment and contribution to local society.

AEDs installed in remote areas
AEDs (Automated External Defibrillator) are first responder devices that ambulances bring to accident scenes.
As remote districts in Taiwan lack medical facilities, Hokwang donates AEDs to places in need regularly every year.

Support Education
There are 25 primary and middle schools in the area, which we support, and each school has different needs. Hokwang sponsors lunch, extra curriculum, after-school and vacation care programs.
Hokwang also supports school choir and orchestra performances in Taiwan and Europe. 

International Disaster Relief
The old factory of Hokwang suffered from serious floods twice, so we understand how natural disasters cause pain and create a great need for assistance. Hokwang has thus made a habit of donating to our local governments to help people following these disasters and to cities around the world in their times of pain and need.  

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  • 131 Dingping Rd., Ruifang District, New Taipei City, 22452, Taiwan