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Hokwang is always looking for improvement, and that’s why Hokwang only seeks suppliers who will keep improving. We aim to find partners who like ourselves, continuously strive to make the best and most innovative products. 

Hokwang demands our suppliers to follow the highest quality and safety standards. We view our suppliers as team members, and we truly support each one to make our companies and products as strong as possible. One example of such teamwork is a project we took on with a fellow partner. Hokwang invested in a robotic arm for a stainless steel cover supplier to make sure the production could be done more precisely and consistently while also maintaining its quality. 

Hokwang also asks our suppliers to minimize environmental impact. All cartons from suppliers must be reused until thoroughly worn, and then given to a charity for recycling. Although the hidden cost of time and storage to keep these reused boxes is actually higher than purchasing new boxes, Hokwang believes everyone should do their best to reduce, reuse and recycle, and this must be a group effort!


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Auto soap dispenser, High speed hand dryer

HOKWANG specializes in auto soap dispenser, high speed hand dryer and automatic aerosol dispensers. We offer a complete washroom package to make the management of your facilities as easy as possible with our top quality HANDS FREE hygiene products. The main aim of HOKWANG is long term customer retention via exceptional levels of quality and customer service.