Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Automatic liquid soap dispenser is the most common auto soap dispenser in the commercial and residential bathroom. Our automatic liquid soap dispensers can be refillable to reduce waste, and they are energy saving (thus easier to maintain). Also, the smart LED indicator will flash to indicate status such as low battery for the soap dispenser.
Hokwang’s automatic liquid soap dispensers is alcohol-resistant (optional silicone tube), so it is usable in the kitchen as a dish detergent dispenser or sanitizer dispenser to help everyone stay clean and stop the spread of germs. Hokwang has the best and most eco-friendly solutions to reduce infection and improve hand hygiene by our automatic liquid soap dispensers.

  • Power Source: DC or AC type
  • One Drop: 1 CC
  • Battery Life: 145,000 (RSD 40,000) drops/cycles or one year
  • Capacity: 800~950 ml, refillable reservoir
  • Applicable Viscosity Range: 1~ 3000 mPa•s
  • CE, EMC, ROHS certified

Model Number Cover Material Battery Type  Capacity Dimensions (W x H x D) Package Shipping Weight
HK-950SA Stainless Steel (#304)  C type x 3 800 ml 108mm x 268mm x 107mm  12 sets/carton 19kgs (41.9lbs)
HK-950DA ABS C type x 3 950 ml 110mm x 270mm x 115mm  12 sets/carton 12kgs (26.5lbs)
HK-800DA ABS C type x 3 950 ml 110mm x 270mm x 110mm  12 sets/carton 12kgs (26.5lbs)
HK-RSD Stainless Steel (#304) & ABS AA type x 4 800 ml 122mm x 270mm x 106mm  12 sets/carton 15.2kgs (33.5lbs)
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