Customized Service

With over 20 years of rich experiences in designing hand dryer and automatic soap dispenser, we are flexible in making customized designs. Whether it is customized hand dryer/ customized soap dispenser for a complete new construction project, for a unique purpose, for a replacement of old units, etc., we can satisfy almost all customized requirements and provide you with the professional solutions.

  • Customized overall new design
  • Customized retrofit
  • Customized surface treatment
  • Customized mechanism
  • Customized PCB logic
  • and more

Type Location Model Number Description
Overall Design Abu Dubai EcoFast interior structure Supplied hand dryers behind a complete customized mirror cabinet with indicating LED icon
and special plugs/cables to fit in the design of the new building. 
  Denmark HK-JA Co-Developed a customized hand dryer with delicate surface treatment which won red-dot award. 
  Denmark HK-RSD Co-Developed a customized soap dispenser with delicate surface treatment, which won red-dot award
Cover Modification The U.K. EcoFast interior structure Changed the location of hand dryer air outlet and create a customized base plate to
fit in the existing installation space. 
  The U.K. EcoSlender Changed the air inlet of hand dryer to meet the anti- ligature requirements. 
  U.S.A EcoFast interior structure Designed a recessed hand dryer to meet the anti-ligature requirement.
  Germany EcoSlender Customized a unique finishing of hand dryer cover.
Parts Modification Japan HK-CSD Co-Developed a customized deck mounted soap dispenser with smart LED indicator.  
  U.S.A. HK-CSD Changed the mechnisim to match customer’s circuit board and sensor.
Specially designed soap pump with non-drip function. 
Logic Modification The U.K. HK-MSD Adjusted the auto soap dispenser sensing logic to conform to special installation.
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Auto soap dispenser, high speed hand dryer

HOKWANG specializes in auto soap dispenser, high speed hand dryer and automatic aerosol dispensers. One of our auto soap dispenser's special features is that it can use either a refillable soap tank or disposable soap bag. Our soap dispenser is touch free. It is very rare to find an auto soap dispenser of good quality. Our soap dispenser has been selling for years worldwide, and you can be assured of its stability. We offer a complete washroom package to make the management of your facilities as easy as possible with our top quality HANDS FREE hygiene products. The main aim of HOKWANG is long term customer retention via exceptional levels of quality and customer service.